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Simulation Animal Toy Model Set Gift Box

Original price $110.62 - Original price $169.44
Original price
$110.62 - $169.44
Current price $110.62

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Product information:

3C configuration category: other toys under 14 years old
Category: Giraffe Gift Box, Nine Animals, Elephant Gift Box, Nine Animals, 15 Wild Animal Sets, Free Suitcase

White tail deer: 9*4* 9CM
Zebra: 10*3*8CM
Polar bear: 10*4*7CM
Penguin 4*6* 4CM
White Tiger mother and child: 11*4* 7CM (mother) 5*3* 3CM (child)
Panda: 10*4*5CM
Crocodile: 18*6* 5CM
Giraffe: 8*4* 16CM
Brown bear: 4*5* 10CM
Asian elephant: 16*6* 10CM
Kangaroo: 8* 4*9CM
Lion King: 1 1*4* 7CM
Hippo mother and child: 13*6*8CM (female) 5*3*3CM (child)
Siberian Tiger: 15*4*6CM
Leopard: 1 1*3* 4CM

Packing list :

Animal toy model set*1

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