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Tear Not Rotten Baby Early Education Visual Stimulation Card

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Product information:

Product name: black and white fun card cloth book

Product size: 17*15*15cm

Product weight: about 170g

Package description: Tote bag

Number of pages: 20 sheets of 40 sides

[Applicable age]: 0-3 years old
when falling to the ground
baby's vision is blurry
Babies are born with only blurry vision
At full moon, the visible range is only 20~30CM
The field of view can reach 180° in 3 months, and the color can be recognized gradually
Visual development doctor recommends black and white cards and color cards for newborns
Stimulates baby's visual development

rustling to touch
Attract baby's attention
The first and last two pages are designed with rustling paper, and the handle makes a rustling sound
Enhance play fun and stimulate baby's curiosity

Packing list:

Card Cloth Book x1set